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Estate Planning

"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." Benjamin Franklin, 1726. Managing the uncertainty of this world is one of life's fundamental tasks. Along with everything else, we must cope with changes in laws, and changing views of finance, lifestyle, privacy, non-traditional families, and longevity of life.

The Firm can help with focused, informed planning for business success, family growth, birth, disability, retirement and death. Good planning allows a person to maintain control of financial and personal affairs, take care of loved ones, contribute to welfare of the community and preserve the benefits of success for succeeding generations.

Philosophically, the Firm believes "it is a gift to be simple" and strives for the virtues of a simple solution with the rare exception where complexity serves an essential purpose.


  • Personal, financial, charitable and tax planning to individual clients and closely-held family companies (ranging in value from $1 million to $200 million) in publishing, software, law, insurance, real estate development, printing, manufacturing, and electronics
  • Preparation of estate plans using entities such as limited partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, and private and charitable trusts and not for profit corporations, either alone or in combination
  • Enable clients to transfer assets among family members and between generations, to smoothly change control of family businesses, and to make creative charitable donations
  • Administer large and complex trusts and estates, and handle probate and trust matters for executors, trustees, and beneficiaries as well as the preparation of estate, trust and guardianship accountings

Examples of estate planning representations:

  • $30 million estate plan of a successful real estate developer to fund his family private foundation
  • Reformation of family trusts (with assets of $5 million) to allow distributions to avoid US generation skipping tax
  • Charitable lead annuity trust (funded with $6 million) to fulfill client charitable objectives while preserving family wealth
  • Intervivos trust for client with multiple marriages (asset value of approx to $4 million) to transfer to next generation real estate holdings while meeting conjugal objectives
  • $6 million estate plan and estate administration for client with non-traditional personal relationships and un-documented creditor relationships
  • $4 million estate plan for non-US citizens with US residency
  • $5 million estate administration with multiple marriages and complex business structures