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Trust Planning & Administration

Trusts are excellent estate planning techniques because trusts can reduce estate taxes, protect assets from the creditors of the beneficiaries, ensure proper investment and management of assets, and reduce income taxes.

Philosophically, the Firm believes "it is a gift to be simple" and strives for the virtues of a simple solution with the rare exception where complexity serves an essential purpose.


  • Living Trust, which holds assets for the lifetime benefit of the settler, but allow a backup trustee to administer the assets upon the incapacity of the settler, avoiding guardianship and the problems that exist with a power of attorney or jointly titling assets
  • Life Insurance Trust, in which life insurance proceeds are removed from the settlor's taxable estate and are held and invested for the benefit and safety of the beneficiaries
  • Grantor Retained Annuity Trust ("GRAT") which is a technique to pass assets to beneficiaries at a reduced gift or estate tax cost
  • Charitable Remainder Trust ("CRT") which is a trust to pass a future interest to a charity and obtain a current income tax benefit
  • Charitable Lead Trust ("CLT") which is a trust to pass a future interest to the family members and provide a current payment to a charity.

The attorneys at James Oberholtzer, Chartered also represent the trustees on numerous trusts in fulfilling their fiduciary and administrative duties to the beneficiaries. We also serve as the trustees on trusts for a select number of our clients.